Gallery Wrap Option


Want your piece to be Printed with a 2" Gallery Wrap? Simply click on the size that you've already selected for your Giclee and the Gallery Wrap will be printed with that piece.

****We will print a 2" Mirror border on all all four sides of your Giclee. Your piece will be rolled in a tube and shipped to your address. You will then take your Giclee to a frame shop and have them stretch (mount) it as a gallery wrap.

What is a Gallery Wrap?

Gallery Wrapping is when the edges of the image are mirrored and then wrapped around a thick wooded stretcher bar. It gives the impression that painting continues around the edge, but because it is a mirrored image of the painting you don’t loose any of the image to the edge, you actually gain a larger amount of the image.

Why many people are starting to choose to have there paintings gallery wrapped is to focus just on the painting. Without a frame around it your eye is drawn to just the painting. Also it is less expensive to have a painting gallery wrapped then designing a custom frame for the painting.

Please keep in mind these prices will be added to the price of the Giclée, but these prices do NOT include stretching, crating, insurance, and shipping.

Shipping from United States

If you order a large giclee is will take me 5-7 days to print it. After the piece is printed it will be sprayed with varnish for protection. The piece will be shipped 5-7 days after varnishing process. If you need it sooner please message me.

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